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MARTIAL ARTSDURATION1x a week2x a week
Tai Chi / Qi GongWeekly-X
Kali / Silat EvolutionWeeklyX-
Ju-Jitsu (DZR)Weekly-X
Ken Jitsu (Japanese Sword)WeeklyX-
Private LessonsAvailable  


WI CCW4-5 hours-TBD
Handgun 1018 weeksXTBD
Handgun 1028 weeksXTBD
Tac Rifle 101 (AR-15)6 weeksXTBD
Tac Rifle 102 (AR-15)6 weeksXTBD
Interior Movement4 weeksXTBD
Tactical WorkshopsTBD-TBD
Private LessonsAvailable  


Pre-Registration & Payment is REQUIRED for ALL GUARDIAN Classes & Events.Deadlines for Pre-registration & Payments must be completed seven (7) business days prior to the start of classes or events.WHY? In order to allow time for required background checks, notifications, and/or cancellations to be made, or emails of related materials to those enrolled.To pre-register for any of our programs & classes, please reach out to us by calling or emailing, listed under the ‘Contact Us’ section of this website.

Firearms rental packages are available & include the essentials needed for ITS Guardian classes.
Equipment Rentals are available thru: Nelson Tactical(After class enrollment & background check)


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I understand participants must complete the ITS, LLC Hold Harmless / Training Waiver before attending any courses/classes, and the participant's / attendee's registration is not complete until they do so.
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I certify that I have read and accept the ITS, LLC Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions / Refund Policy for all courses/classes.
Trauma Response Course
Response's Trauma Response Course
This course is 2 full days (16 hours).
Learn how to properly apply a tourniquet, pack a wound, use an Israeli pressure dressing, and much, much more.Some of the scenarios for this course will be heavily based on active shooter situations, including school shootings.Who This Course Is For
This course is open to anyone. No experience is necessary, and no medical equipment is required for this course. All training gear will be provided to you during the course. Get some of the best hands-on training in the world. This course is heavily based on hands-on, real-world training scenarios.
-Situational Awareness Response to an active shooter situation
-Breakdown and usage of IFAK (Individual 1st Aid Kits)
-Basic 1st Aid and Advanced Trauma wound care
-Application of Gauze & Israeli Bandages, as well as Hemostatic Agents
-Moving and positioning victims with injuries
-Proper use of cover, and cover vs. concealment
-Casualty recovery in Active Shooter Situations
-Mass casualty triage procedures and trauma scene management
-Hemorrhage control, Hemorrhagic Shock
-Airway, Breathing, and Circulation, as well as managing the airway
-Head Trauma
-Document Care

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• Cancellations by persons WITHIN 15-DAYS of the course/class start date, a 50% REFUND will be given.
• Cancellations by persons on or after the 1st day of the course/class, NO REFUND will be given.
• Cancellations of courses/classes by the company prior to the start date, a FULL REFUND will be given.
- Unless a mandatory background check was required/completed, then minus that cost.
- Example: A course/class is canceled due to low or no enrollment.
• NO REFUNDS or MAKE-UP CLASSES are given for any missed classes (absences, no-shows, vacations, etc.) by a person.
• In Emergency situations, the company will determine if a refund is warranted / appropriate.
- Example: Injuries, Medical reasons, or other extenuating circumstances
• If a person is ‘terminated’ from any course/class at any time, NO REFUNDS of any monies (deposits, payments, fees, etc.) will be given.
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• Refunds will be provided in the form by which they are/were received.
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If a person chooses to change/transfer to another course/class or the fees to a different person of their choice, within the same program, the change/transfer policies are as follows:
• There is no FEE for changes/transfers.
• Change/Transfers are based on course/class availability, within the same program.
• Persons must contact company staff in order to make arrangements for such change/transfer.
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• Notifications will be made by phone call or text, as soon as they are eligible.
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